Lovely Kate one of our Daylight Mooners talks about how lockdown life has been for her.......

What’s the thing you’ve done during lockdown that’s surprised you the most?

I work in an office and have never worked from home.  I have always kept home and work separate and never wanted to merge the two. Although the beginning was a huge adjustment and my hours were reduced to give me time for my newly acquired second job (teacher) I was surprised (and thankful) that I can work effectively from home.  I know now that I can do this in the future if needed and can switch off when I log off for the day.

What's a new thing you have learnt during lockdown?

How to draw all the characters from the kids Dog Man books, how to build a pirate ship from LEGO and that we really are so lucky to have the bubble we have where we have it!

What's your largest lockdown loss - the thing you miss the most from the old normal?

I find it so strange when bumping into friends out and about on our local walks or across the aisle on my weekly trip to the supermarket and when delivering groceries to family that I cannot reach out and touch them or give them a cuddle.  Feels so surreal and strange.  I am an affectionate person and cannot wait for my daily cuddles with family and friends again.

Kate xxx

🌙  Kate wears a limited edition vintage silk Blouse No.1 🌙

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At this stage of lockdown we are definately starting to miss being able to spend time with our friends and family and so we thought what better time than to check in with some of our Daylight Moon family and see how everyone is!

Level 2!!!

Congratulations to our New Zealand Whanau!