At this stage of lock down we are definately starting to miss being able to spend time with our friends and family and so we thought what better time than to check in with some of our Daylight Moon family and see how everyone is!

What's the thing that you have experienced or done during lock down that has surprised you the most?

It’s been humbling for me, as a self-confessed introvert, to realise just how much we all need to access and feel connected to our communities, near and far.

What's a new thing you have learnt during lock down?

I have learnt how to make a rainbow out of all sorts of stuff and, with three small kids at home, I’m learning lessons about patience on a daily basis…

What is your largest lock down loss - the thing you miss the most from your old normal?

My mum, a soy latte and a quick dip in the ocean.

What have you found the most comfort in during lock down?

My Daylight Moon trousers! They are the most comfortable thing ever and I’ve been wearing them 24/7.


So lovely hearing everyones stories, we look forward to sharing more with you soon xxx

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