Level 2!!!

Congratulations to our New Zealand Whanau!

We have made it through over 6 weeks of lock downs with what looks like success at this stage in our battle against the Covid-19 virus!!  This hasn't been without it's challenges and sacrifices but it has been a really affirming example of how we can come together as a people with a shared goal and achieve something so amazing, so well done!!

Just before lock down began we ran a Saturday Studio which is a little Daylight Moon Store we open on the occasional Saturday.  Once we have had a couple of weeks at Level 2 and seen how this progresses and how everyone is feeling we are looking forward to having another one so we will keep you posted!

To celebrate the move to Level 2 today we are launching our Happy Day Pants, now up online!

Daylight Moon feels extra special to me at the moment as NZ Made Clothing has always been something I have valued and supported. My grandmother was a Fashion Designer as was my Mother & Uncle and my Cousin a Cutter ~ I feel hopeful now that other New Zealanders will feel the same way and want to support our talented industry of Designers and Makers.  Lock downs and Covid-19 have brought about a focus on sustainability and supporting and living local and a great way to do this is to buy NZ made!

M x

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