Autumn 22 Shoot

Earlier this week we shot the Autumn Winter 22 Range at a very special place ~ my Aunt & Uncles house in Whangaparoa Peninsula.

This was the second house my Father designed, the first was my Grandmothers house on my Mothers side, she painted hers black on both the inside and the outside and filled it with her colourful rag rugs, floor paintings she called them.

My Mothers Brother & his wife commissioned this house in 1978 and I have so many wonderful memories of Summer times here as a child.  They have lived here for 44 years!  I love the colours they have painted it and the way this house is also filled with rag rugs, these ones made by my Auntie.

My Great Grandmother was a seamstress, my Grandmother and my Mother were Fashion Designers and my Uncle was the Head Designer at Bendon for a number of years and also a cutter, along with my Cousin.  Fashion and Design runs in our family and I loved showing my Uncle through the Range, he is in his 80s now and still has an amazing sense of style.

His favourite was the Moon Rocks Dress which is coming soon...........


Madeleine x


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