Daylight Moon was launched in 2020 and is designed by Madeleine Richards, founder of MAW and ex Creative Director of MADE.

For me, clothing has always been a vehicle of self expression and something that I get daily enjoyment from.

With Daylight Moon I wanted to create something to be shared, a unified sense of confidence and joy and something that was timeless and free of trend based fashion directives.

I have worked in the NZ Fashion Industry for over 20 years and it is important to me that Daylight Moon is made here in Aotearoa.  By working together with some of our incredibly talented makers we have been able to create garments of a lasting and high standard.

With a strong focus on how a garment feels and moves on, I place a huge importance on the fabrics I choose ~ I believe if you feel good in something you will look good in it too. I want the function of the garment to be versatile so you can look and feel great whatever it is you are doing.

Madeleine x