A Process

I would like to share an integral process with you. 

I pre wash every Daylight Moon cotton garment and then hang them individually to dry.  Once dry I then look at each one and strategically iron them in places which I think need it.  The reason I do this is because I am very specific about I how like them to look and feel.  I don't like them pressed and uptight, if I had bought a dress like that in a store I would have to take it home and wash if before I wore it!  Pre washing softens them and crumples them, in parts of the garment though crumples don't work like cuffs and hems and so then I iron those individual parts so as not to lose the overall crumpled look and feel of the garment.

I spent a lot of time deliberating over whether I should send the garments to their new homes crisply pressed or how I like to wear them.  I decided they should be sold how I like them to look at this is part of their overall design, then if someone does prefer them more ordered they can iron them to their preference.

As I write this I am listening to the sound of the machine spinning with yet another batch of dresses coming through ready to hang!  I love that each garment has been individually looked at and worked on to get them just right, from me to you.

Madeleine x


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